Cancer Season

3rd July 2019

The Zodiac Sign

Now that Gemini Season is over, it’s time for the crab to replace the twins. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is very attached to family life. Understanding the characteristics of Cancer will help you develop a better relationship with Cancer in all areas of love and life. The traits of Cancer include being sweet, delicate, intuitive and loving, really helping the Zodiac stand out from others. In life, people who fall under the zodiacal sign of Cancer can be quite successful with their ability to intuitively understand what others want. People who fall under the sign of Cancer are known to lie in situations where they believe that someone, a friend or partner, will be prevented from leaving. Friends and family can be a fleeting problem with people in the Cancer zodiac sign, simply because they take care of them so much. To maintain their relationship, they must be treated fairly regularly and do not cope well with long period of time left alone or ignored.

Intuition and intestinal instinct are strong with all signs of Water (including Scorpio and Pisces) and with Cancer, the extreme sensitivity is especially linked to all things that are females and, above all, to the maternal instinct of feeding and caring for others. However, there is more to your sign that just the domestic, maternal, gentle, emotional side that people usually associate with Cancer. Cancer has a reputation for mood, although the characteristic is most obvious when the Moon is cancerous. The moon in the native Cancer has a great potential to connect with the feelings and moods of others. The moon in Cancer rarely separates itself – they cling to things, their homes and the people they care for. After treating with sensitivity and understanding, the Moon in Cancer’s indigenous people returns grace with warmth and protection. Because Cancer is governed by the moon, it is also known that it goes through various stages in their lives/. People born under the sign are known to be good in romance and love, which makes them both very seductive and mysterious.

Cancer – born women are known for their deep passions and emotions, but for you to experience such qualities you need to be patient. Men born under the astrological sign of cancer act very slowly because they are very cautious in their actions. The status of Cancer as one of the most important cardinal characters (such as Aries, Libra and Capricorn) means that people feel confident after you, probably because you are sensitive to their needs. The cancer season lasts from 21 June to 22 July, so prepare yourself for a calm sea in your relationship, career and spiritual life. Your friends and family will receive the same five-star treatment, but they will also be subjected to your impressive emotional storms, which can happen at any time.

The constellation

Cancer is associated with the crab because of the shape of its main stars. Cancer is the dimmer of the constellations of the zodiac, with only two stars above the fourth size. Beta Cancri, also known as Altarf, is the brightest star in Cancer at magnitude 3.5 and located 290 light - years from Earth. Delta Cancri, also known as the Australis Asellus, is an orange - hued giant star of magnitude 3.9, 136 light - years from Earth.

Cancer ("crab") is a constellation of zodiac, which means that it is located in the ecliptic pathway, which consists of Sun, Moon and planets that travel through the sky every year. Cancer is the 31st largest constellation, occupying an area of 506 square meters of night sky. It is the faintest of the 12 zodiac constellations, with all its stars having a magnitude of 3.5 or fainter, and as such is often hard to identify.