The Top 4 Unique Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

14th October 2019

What are some unique gift ideas for your girlfriend?

Do you and your girlfriend have a special date coming up? Have you run out of awesome gift ideas? Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentine’s Day or you just want to spoil your girlfriend, keep reading for the perfect gift ideas that are sure to blow her mind.

1) Personalized gifts

What better way to show your girlfriend how much she means to you than a personalized gift. If you have a girlfriend who loves astronomy or is fascinated by the night sky, a personalised map of the night sky is the perfect unique gift. The Maps for Moments Star Map is a map of the night sky on a specific date, at a specific location. This can be the first day you met, your anniversary or another significant moment that you would like to frame. Maps for Moments has a variety of different color options as well as a varied price range to suit your budget. On the topic of the night sky and personalized gifts, why not name a star after your girlfriend? We have a number of different packages available to suit the occasion and your budget. Naming a star after someone special is the perfect gift for girlfriends, but it can also make a great gift for your friends and family too! Personalized gifts can be absolutely anything, whether it’s a mug with her name written on there, personalised clothing or a piece of engraved jewellery (which leads us onto the next point), personalized gifts show thought and effort and going to extra mile to make her feel special and is sure to make the best impression.

2) Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they? If you have a girlfriend who loves sentimental gifts that she can keep, jewellery is the perfect gift. Jewellery can be kept for years, can hold a lot of sentimental value and will always have a memory attached to it. Is there a specific brand of jewellery that your girlfriend loves? A specific metal? Jewel? If you’re looking for a more personal piece of jewellery, we would recommend Pandora. Pandora have a variety of different styles to suit your girlfriend depending on her likes and interests, from animals to Disney characters, they have it all! Take a look on their website to find the perfect piece of jewellery for her.

3) Things to do

One thing a girl loves more than a physical gift, is spending time with you. Going out and making memories together is something that you can never lose. Whether it’s a glamourous date night, or a cosy movie night, it will win your girlfriend over.

  • The Pamper night – If your girlfriend loves to have a chilled out night with snacks and a film, why not take it up a notch? Get an old cardboard box and wrap it in some nice wrapping paper and throw in some goodies! Some essential oils, a bath bomb, some face masks, fresh pjs, snacks and her favourite film are some perfect gift ideas for a relaxing pamper night! Order her favourite takeaway ready and if you really want to make an impression, scatter some flower petals and light some candles.
  • The Glamourous Date Night – If your girlfriend is the type to who loves getting dressed up once in a while, the glamourous Date Night is perfect, but it can require a lot more effort than just a cosy night in. In the morning of the planned date, leave out a gift card for your girlfriend to go out shopping and pick out an outfit for your planned Date Night, be sure to specify if this is a meal or night out etc, as this will play a huge part in the outfit selection! Give your girlfriend enough time to get ready, why not get a glass of bubbles ready for her while she gets ready? Once she is ready, proceed with your plans for the night, her favourite restaurant, a bar, a theatre show, whatever you’re both interested in!

4) Themed gifts

How well do you know your girlfriend’s hobbies and interests? Show how much you listen with themed gifts that relate to your girlfriend’s favourite film, her favourite animal, TV show etc. You can find hundreds of awesome gifts that relate to your girlfriends interests. For example, if your girlfriend is obsessed with Harry Potter, why not get her this Harry Potter Collectible Wand? Or if she loves the TV show friends, this ‘You Are My Lobster’ bracelet is the perfect gift! As mentioned previously, Pandora also have a range of different themed jewellery for your girlfriend! Check out their list of products perfect for your partner - Jewelry Gifts for Wife and Girlfriend.

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, your anniversary or you just want to spoil your significant other, these top 4 unique gift ideas are sure to wow your girlfriend and leave the ultimate impression.