Name a Star for Christmas

13th December 2019

Buying presents at Christmas is one of the best parts of Christmas. Watching your relatives faces light up with joy as they open their perfect gift, but it is not always that easy… Do you have a relative that is really difficult to buy a present for, especially at Christmas? Somebody that has everything or you’re not sure what to buy for them. Chocolates, toiletries, socks or the usual Christmas gift sets just won’t do and are not personal or special enough.

Well here at Star Name Registry, we think that we may be able to help you to gift that difficult person something unique and very special. Keep reading for the perfect gift for your relatives this Christmas.

Name a Star

See their faces light up when they open your incredibly thoughtful, unique and completely personalized gift, impressing and touching the recipient in a very positive way. Naming a star after someone is really easy to do through the easy to follow website with the star named being kept in the intergalactic star database FOREVER. Buying a star from the Star-Name-Registry star database is also guaranteed to never be named twice, making it completely unique to the recipient. At Star Name Registry, there are several different types of packages depending on your budget, from stylish branded envelopes that can be but they all come with a star name deed that gives the coordinates of the star that has been named so that the star can easily be found in the night sky. Buying a star for someone is without doubt a great option for the person that has everything, but it is not the only option that we have found.

Personalized Maps

If you think that owing a star is not for the person that you need to buy a gift for then maybe a Star Map or City Map from would be another great option. Enter a significant date and place to get a stunning map of the night sky for that date and time that is personalized to them, or if you think they may prefer, a stylish print of a favorite or special city anywhere in the world. Both Star Maps and City Maps are available in a variety of different sizes and colors, all of which will easily fit any budget and style of interior.

Personalized Hampers

Show your relatives how well you know them by creating a hamper full of gifts that you know that they will love! Do you have an Aunt that loves a pamper? Fill it with bath bombs, face masks, nail varnish, candles and a magazine! Do you have an Uncle that loves to joke around? Fill it with puzzles, gimmicky gifts, personalized socks and a bottle of his favorite liqueur!


Spending time with your family is one of the best feelings, especially at Christmas. Why not extend the time that you spend with them by arranging events, days out and activities! From concert tickets to spa days, the list of things to do with your relatives is endless! Do you have a thrill seeker in your family? How about theme park tickets! A huge fan of music? Festival or concert tickets!

So four very unique, personalized but equally amazing Christmas presents that we at Star Name Registry would recommend for that relative that is really difficult to buy a present for.

Come and visit us at and we can help you to name a star for the person that has everything, making Christmas 2019 a special one that will never be forgotten.