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Naming stars is often referred to as ‘what to buy for someone who has it all’.

Here at Star Name Registry we make that happen; the details of each of our named stars are kept secure by the Star Register database & we guarantee that no star is named twice. The Star Register is an Intergalactic Star Database where we publish all star information (name, location on the celestial sky, astro photos of your star).

Only a small few intergalactic stars i.e. stars that are outside our galaxy, are visible from earth. All of the stars we name are visible from earth and as such typically reside in our galaxy: the Milky Way! There are 88 named constellations visible from Earth including the 12 Zodiacs, you can name a star in any one of these, so if you want to buy a star name gift, look no further!

How to name a star?

1. Choose the star package type

Our prices start at just $19.95! Choose the right option for you from our 9 Packages! Extra Bright stars are more visible, Binary stars can have two names assigned to them!

2. Fill in star details

Choose a name: it can be anything, i.e. "Matt's Star", "Our Guiding Star". You can also add a memorable date (i.e. your first date) and a personalised message.

3. Place your order

We offer free delivery on all packages! Before placing your order make sure all star details and delivery info is correct! Any wrong details might cause delays in processing your order.

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